Weekend Reading

Some reading to keep you busy this weekend:

Crazy Friend by Jonathan Lethem — Lethem's essay about Philip K. Dick and the writer's effect on his life.

Starship Stormtroopers by Michael Moorcock — an essay from the 70's in which Moorcock picks apart the political subtext of science fiction up to that point, analyzing both rightest, imperialist themes of writers like Robert Heinlein and Rudyard Kipling and the leftest themes of writers of his generation.

Queen of the Iron Sands by Scott Lynch rather surprised by how much I'm enjoying SF novelist Scott Lynch's serialized tribute to the pulp Mars stories of the 30s, like those of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I know in the past I've complained about SF writers rehashing the old rather than doing anything new, and nothing here is particularly new, but it is fun.


Btw, Moorcock changed his

Btw, Moorcock changed his mind on Heinlein later. He says somewhere that after he moved to the US himself, he gained a better understanding of the tradition Heinlein was coming from. As a fan of both Moorcock and Heinlein, I don't know if I'm more relieved or more disappointed by that - I like the idea of being a fan simultaneously of two opposing poles.

He also changed his mind on

He also changed his mind on Lovecraft. I think, more to the point, he just kind of mellowed out a bit. But a lot of the underlying points about politics and fiction that he makes are still valid and interesting.