When I started this website, it was with the idea that there would be many people working on it, and with the hope that we would get many submissions, this on the strength of the initial essays stating our position, and certain vague promises. I probably should have known better; during our last project, YankTheChain.com, I often had to write all the material for months on end, without a submission or collaborator in sight.

By "us" I mean myself and Jay Quackenbush, my partner in crime for both that site and this one. However, while Jay continues to review (the few) poetry submissions that come in, his own submissions have dwindled to nothing. Once I got the idea to ask people for reprints, we were able to put up quite a lot of great work that I think hadn't gotten the exposure it deserved the first time around, and that was wonderful. However, there's only so much writing for Wet Asphalt I can do, so many books I can read that might make for interesting reviews, so much reading I can do of material which may turn up something good to reprint, in addition to working full time and daily writing fiction and, you know, having a life. Frankly, I look at guys like Ed Champion and Daniel Green and I wonder how they do it.

I was going to just shut Wet Asphalt down. Concentrate on fiction. But I've reconsidered. I like Wet Asphalt, I think I need this little soap box. But I think that the site is going to become a little less of the literary magazine published like a blog we originally envisioned and a little more of the straight-up blog. Shorter posts. More links. But still some articles and reprints and original work as we get it.

I'm also going to start a new project next month which will help channel and focus some of my energies. But more on that later.

At any rate, the best way to read this site continues to be by using a Feed Reader. To all of you who are still reading after irregular updates and abrupt hiatuses (hiatii?), thank you.