So, if you haven't seen this, watch it now:

I've been arguing with some lefties this morning on a friend's facebook page who think that Dan Savage made a mistake here. Their central argument is that "this is not how you open young minds and educate them."

For what it's worth Savage has issued an apology of sorts for the insult he directed at the kids walking out on his speech. "My use of "pansy-assed" was insulting, it was name-calling, and it was wrong. And I apologize for saying it." He said.

So, you think, that should be the end of the critique that the "anti-bullying activist bullied Xtian Teens claim" right?

Oh how little you understand about the power of the right wing machine to be offended. Oh how they love to be offended. Look, here's Fox News being offended. And hey, it's GOProud, the self-hating Republican gays calling for his head, so it can't just be that Savage is a homosexual that got their knickers in a twist. And not to be outdone, here is a sampling of the right wing blogosphere on the issue.

Now, given the fact that the during the walkout, which was organized by a teacher named Rick Tully because he just knew that Savage was going to attack him and bigots like him for being a Christian, students far from being offended look like they're giggling and smirking at the hilarity of what they're up to, I for one can't take all the vitriol too seriously. After all, it's not like a bunch of highschool students have never heard the word Bullshit before. And it's pretty fucking pathetic that this nutball of a teacher named Rick Tully has decided to exploit his students by using them to get media attention that fits his bullshit political views. But that's par for the course for the right wing echo chamber: Create a fake drama and use it to add fuel to the fire of your fake narrative about how awful you rightwing nutbags have it in a fake world that isn't completely customized for your use. And if you need more examples of this trope in Right Wing Media, just take a look at the work of notorious tool Andrew Breitbart and his douchebag protegé James O'Keefe.

So yeah, a bunch of right wing turds are pissed off at Dan Savage. Boo hoo. What else is new?

Well, what's new this time is the liberal cowardice that seems poised to piggy back on the right's fake outrage, and, out of an abundance of typically misplaced liberal sympathy, take some pity on the poor bigots who are offended by what Savage said and actually do some real damage to the cause.

Now don't get me wrong here, I don't have any evidence to back this up because the left wing complacency machine has yet to fully crank up its ire against one of its own as of yet, but in a couple of days when Jay Carney presses pause on his Guided By Voices playlist long enough to drop a soundbite about how the president thinks that sort of language is "inappropriate around children" and some variety of back benchers in the Progressive Caucus have come out to condemn "that sort of talk" about the Bible, just remember that I called it first.

And what's going to get lost in all this backlash?

The fact that Dan Savage was completely, totally, 100% absolutely fucking RIGHT about what he said.

There is a condemnation of homosexuality in the bible and it is bullshit and Christians should learn to ignore it, just like they ignore the stuff in Philemon that makes it clear that slavery was A-Ok with Paul and therefore A-Okay with Jesus and God, because Paul was the apostle to the gentiles and, this is important, his letters are the only texts in the Bible that we are pretty sure were written by the guy whose name is on them.

Because all of this, ALL OF IT, is part of the collective turning away from real biblical scholarship on the part of a social movement that claims to base everything they do on this one text that most of them have never actually bothered to read.

And, frankly, I have no patience with a bunch of shit heads who are going to get bent out of shape over criticism of a book that they haven't even bothered to read. It is high time we stopped allowing bigotry in our society to hide behind piety. The parts of our society that still cling to bigotry have had ample opportunity to open their minds and be educated about how they are wrong and how this sort of activity is not acceptable. They have had plenty of time to learn that no matter what the bible says, gay bashing is unacceptable and it will be scorned and ridiculed and punished. It is time for us to stop giving notice to these cretins, and time to just shame them into correcting their behavior. Because they should be ashamed of themselves. And it's high time we stopped coddling the motherfuckers.