James Wood, I think, is in his element talking about Philip Roth

Ed Champion muses about NIN and Radiohead going label-less. I wonder if the publisher-free model will be adopted by any big-name authors. What if Stephen King decided he didn't need a publisher anymore? In this day and age, does he need a publisher anymore?

One Story has a Save the Short Story project.

Realism in fiction without "psychological realism"

Samual R. Delany on writing:

Delany talks about the fact of being constantly being assailed by doubts as the fundamental engine of good writing, the only chance at excellence -- "you must write to project yourself, again and again, through the annealing moment which provides the negentropic organization which makes a few texts privileged tools of perception" -- and as being, if you respond to them immediately, energizing.

Whatever that means.

Tristram Shandy rules

Are we drowning in quirk? Is it all Brooklyn's fault?

The role of the book in Chinese Communist propaganda posters. "To Read Too Many Books is Harmful" --Mao Zedong

For the last time, the novel is not dead

And finally, what everyone is talking about: an honest-to-God Science Fiction writer has won the Nobel Prize for Literature!