God, there were so many things I wanted to write about this week. I've got more to say about the short story, and have another book to review, but look, it's Friday already and I don't have anything. Here's some more round-up:

Daniel Green muses on the role of criticism in culture

What is an "anti-book"?

The Internet will change the way we write

Are we really in a golden age of reading?

Literary life today

The future of books (via Daniel Green)

Okay, I like Philip Roth, but do we really need adjective overload here? "Greatest this" and "greatest that" and "sexiest this". It gets a little wearying. Not to mention that it's terrible journalism.

A new short story by Mario Vargas Llosa online for free translated by the always superb Edith Grossman.

A truly fascinating documentary on Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man including interviews with Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Stan Lee.

Are book readings in Second Life really a good idea? (via Ed Champion)

The story of a strange medieval codex, said to have been produced by a monk who sold his soul to the devil

Ursula K. Leguin reviews Jeanette Winterson and talks about literary writers writing Science Fiction (via Scott Esposito)

I've been forgetting to add the "via" to the blogs where I get my links a lot of the time, mostly because I just bookmark the links in delicious and then forget about where I got them from. So sorry to anyone who I got a link from who wasn't properly credited.

And that's it, I'm all caught up on my round-up links!