You can't download your .mobi files from Amazon anymore, even if they're DRM free

I provide you the following chat conversation I had with an Amazon representative:

You are now connected to Katherine from

Me:I bought a DRM-free Kindle book and I'd like to download it and put it on my Nook. However, the "Actions" button doesn't seem to have a "download" option any longer.

Katherine:Hello, thank you for contacting Kindle Technical Support. My name is Katherine. I understand you would like to download a book to your Nook device.

Well, download to my computer and transfer to my Nook

Katherine:I understand Eric, however you are contacting the Kindle support department, in this case, if you have issues or need to download the book, first you need to contact them for further assistance. First you need to know if the book you have is support it on the Nook and then they can definitely help you to download the book

Me:I'm not sure I understand.
It's a DRM-free Kindle book
I want to download it, change it into an ePub using Calibre and load it onto my Nook
But I can't find a way to get the source .Mobi file
I used to go to "Manage My Kindle" click "Actions..." and click "Download"
But that option no longer seems to exist

Katherine: I am very sorry Eric, once again I can help you downloading books to Kindles, not Nook. If you are having issues now with it, it will be better if you can contact them. You can read content you buy from the Kindle Store (such as books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs) on most Kindle devices or Kindle reading apps registered to your account.

Me:This has nothing to do with Nook. The problem would be the same if I wanted to download all my .mobi files to put on a personal hard drive for back-up.

Katherine:You might find more information in this link full link)
I understand is not related with Nook, I can't just tell you that our books are supported for Kindle. If you were able to download to the Nook in the past, and this time is not working, could be that specific file is not supported, is better for you to ask them if in this case you can convert it or change the file to download it

Fucking Amazon.


1. Install the Kindle Reader

1. Install the Kindle Reader software on a computer
2. Locate the stored files (use google for the location)
3. If needed, remove any DRM (again, use google. Calibre has a plugin)
4. Read on other devices.

This story is bogus; what you

This story is bogus; what you encountered was some kind of snafu and an ill-informed Amazon rep.

I just checked and I can still download DRM-free ebooks and read them in calibre.

- Nate, tech expert and editor of The Digital Reader

Someone else told me that

Someone else told me that too, but I still can't do it. I don't know why.

Do you have a kindle reader

Do you have a kindle reader installed in your account (a PC one or anything). The download option may only appear if you have a device registered. I downloaded a file to transfer via USB last night (for my kindle :-)).

Yes, you can. Use "Deliver

Yes, you can. Use "Deliver to:" to send the book to Kindle for PC/Mac. Use the Calibre "Add Books" function to import books for conversion. The "Download and Transfer Via USB" function is still available but it only works for download to a Kindle device. That is not new. I've been using Kindle "Download/Transfer" for years and it's only been available for Kindle devices, not apps. BTW, the CS agent seems to have fixated on the word "Nook" in your question, that's why they gave you inaccurate information. Unfortunately, even CS agents at Amazon aren't always well trained.

This isn't a "DRM - FREE THE

This isn't a "DRM - FREE THE CONTENT" story, it's a poor Quality Control on tech support story. Read carefully, you clearly confused a support rep whose english isn't great and who latched on to you wanting to use a nook when that's irrelevant and what you really wanted to do was download the file. your choice to then blast the tech support rep with even more irrelevant information only made matters worse and in the end, this turned into a tech support nightmare story about what happens when comic book guy calls the call center and is more interested in showing how much more he knows than the poor tech support rep who's sitting in mumbai sweating and making five bucks a day than he is in actually resolving his problem. Long story short Stop trying to be Corey Doctorow, he's a douchebag and emulating him makes you look douchey.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? If the customer service person doesn't understand plain English and regurgitates back an incomprehensible script at me, that's their problem not mine.

Stop being an asshole.

He's right on his comment,

He's right on his comment, his not being an asshole, just giving you a critic, which may not be very kindly delivered but it still true.

You gave irrelevant information to the agent and that made the case worse (not to justify her either)

Customer "Support"

I see Kindle has outsourced its support to the lowest bidder on oDesk...