Wet Asphalt favorite Tom Bissell (author of the recent, wonderful Extra Lives) has a new article in Harpers about the Rocky Horror of our time, a film that is mesmerizingly bad. Subscription required to read it at the link, or you can just go out and buy the issue, trust me, it's well worth it.

Also not our typical link material, but this article about the man who played a perfect game of The Price is Right is fascinating and really well written, by excellent journalist Chris Jones.

A comic that gives an excellent summary of what's wrong with moon hoax theories.

It's always nice to read a new interview with Alan Moore, where he talks about comics, magic and his new project, Unearthing.

A weird, alternate reality comic called The Moon Prince is my new favorite web comic. Now if only they had an RSS feed...

And as always, FICTION TIME:

Wet Asphalt favorite Brian Francis Slattery wins the Brain Harvest Mega Challange with a story called "The World Is a Voice in My Neighbor’s Throat", which is as well-executed a short-short as you're likely to find.

The Canadian Radio series The Vanishing Point made a series of adaptations of the stories of legendary writer JG Ballard. It's JG Balllard. Go listen.