Neil Gaiman talks to Grant Morrison about COMIC BOOKS naturally, and it's pretty great.

From 2004 but new to me, John Kessel's fascinating break down of the moral problems with Ender's Game and how Orson Scott Card manipulates our emotions.

Lev Grossman writes about fan fiction, and in particular Harry Potter fan fiction and the weird and wonderful little universe that has sprung up around it, with its own population and vocabulary.


Speaking of Grossman, here's an excerpt from his new novel The Magician King which gave me chills when I heard him read it at the NYRSF Reading Series here in New York.

And Electric Velocipede has put up one of the better stories from its Logorrhea collection, "The Chiaroscurist" by Hal Duncan. I reviewed the whole collection for the New Haven review some time ago.

Sorry, not a lot of new fiction this fiction time, all my reading lately has been for the Reading the History of Popular Literature series.