I'm off to ReaderCon tomorrow, and you can follow my time there on Twitter. To keep you busy, here's some stuff to read:

Hal Duncan writes what is probably the best meditation on The Last Airbender, whitewashing, racism and writing about the Other I've read yet and is eminently worth reading.

io9 gives us an interesting reevaluation of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the first novel in Philip José Farmer's Riverworld series.. The series is about an impossibly long river on which every human who has ever lived wakes up.

The always interesting Matt Cheney writes about Reality Hunger, Narrative Power and the relationship of fiction, non-fiction and narrative.

Fun stuff:
This hilarious parody of old Spider-Man comics really hits the nail on the head in terms of the cognitive dissonance between different presentations of the same character, in this case Spider-Man comics and the ads for Hostess products starring Spider-Man that often appeared in those comics.

Science Time: Is the an evil, goteed version of you somewhere in the multiverse? io9 (again) crunches the numbers for us.

(No, I'm not linking to io9 just because they published me, I swear.)

Finally, Fiction Time! Audio edition: Stephen Colbert reads TC Boyle and David Rakoff reads Lydia Davis.