An update to my previous post about my frustrations in trying to use the iPad as a writing tool:
Documents 2 Go has just updated their app. The arrow keys now work on external keyboards, which was one of the key features that had made the previous version unusable, and made me prefer Apple Pages. Docs2Go now has at least 3 killer features over Pages: word count, pinch to zoom in on text, which reflows to fit the screen without changing the font, and, most importantly, DropBox integration, which allow me to store my documents remotely and have them synchronize automatically with my computer.

However, there is at least one major flaw still that makes working with D2G far too annoying for regular use. When you start a new paragraph and hit "tab", instead of putting in a tab space it indents the whole paragraph. However, normal tab spaces work in the middle of sentences, which means in order to have a tab space at the beginning of your paragraph you have to type a character, hit tab, then go back and delete the character. Which is absurd.

Other features that are standard on computer word processors that are still missing from D2G:
Command-b/i/u for bold/italics/underline (you currently still have to poke the buttons for these things with your finger)
Command-s for save (thats a big frustration; I've become very used to habitually hitting command-s to save my work)

Also, to sync Dropbox on D2G you have to back out to the containing folder and then it prompts you to sync. On a computer, DropBox syncs the files automatically every time you save without you having to think about it (as long as you're connected to the Internet), which is much better.

Finally, I'd really like to see D2G support the OpenOffice open document (ODT) file format, but that may be a pipe dream.

To sum: D2G is much better, is in fact almost there, but still not software to make me give away my Netbook.