Sony's Garbage Customer Service

Last month my beloved Sony Reader ebook device broke. I contacted Sony customer service and they told me that the warranty only covered manufacturer defect. (I honestly wasn't sure if I'd stepped on it or what.) They said I could pay $30, they'd send me a new device and I'd send back the broken one. Fine, and they charged the $30 to my credit card. I insisted and made very clear that they needed to send it to my work address, because I can't receive packages at home. They said it was no problem, and told me the device would arrive within a couple days. All good so far.

A few days pass. No device. So I call customer service and ask what's up. They said the package was "refused" at the address. I asked them what address they sent it to, and they said my home address. I patiently explained this was the wrong address, and once again gave them the right address. They said, no problem they'd send it to the right address.

Several more days pass. I call them back (note that there's lots of me waiting on hold through all this). They tell me I have to call their shipping center and give me a different number. So I call the shipping center. The man at the shipping center says it'll take 10 business days to get the device shipped to me. Fine.

Soon after this I get an email asking me to fill out a customer survey on my experience. I do, and tell them they got the address wrong etc.

A couple weeks pass. I get a post-card with a survey in it asking how my repair experience went. I write nasty, nasty things on the post card and mail it in. [EDIT: I didn't really write nasty things, so much as rated their support zero and explained my problem.] I call the shipping center again. After being on hold, a man asks me what my phone number is so that he can look up my account, puts me on hold and never comes back to the line. After 40 minutes, I hang up and call again. The lady I now talk to tells me I never called the shipping center and no one ever told me 10 days, like I was hallucinating or something. (Don't you just love it when customer service types ARGUE with you?) She then assures me the package will be sent out that day or the next.

It's now the next. I sure haven't received any UPS tracking number or anything to indicate my product has shipped.

At this point I'm getting close to asking for my $30 back and buying a Cool-Er reader or something. (The BeBook Mini still hasn't been released yet, and mysteriously there's no release date on their website, despite the fact that it was supposed to come out this month. But that's another story.)