Oil Volcano

I watch these interviews with charter boat captains and shrimp and crab fishermen in the gulf. They're these tough, stoic guys who don't like all the attention they're getting. They're all on the verge of tears, trying to be as fair as possible, but they have this shell-shocked thousand yard stare that's just heartbreaking.

I don't know what else to say about this. A lot of times it's guys like this, fishermen, loggers, roughnecks and so on are opposed to environmental regulation because they're company men and what's good for the company is usually good for them. But now, looking at this, this is the reason why that logic is wrong.

I don't know where environmental politics go after this. The Valdez happened in Alaska and it was largely out of site out of mind. The Salmon and crab fisheries up there were huge but nowhere near the size of fisheries in the gulf. I don't know whether this is the wake up call that folks need to realize that corporations are not their friends, and that capital is something that needs vigilant and constant supervision. This, if the world were just, would kill the neo liberal and conservative friends of capital in the republican and democratic parties. I don't know that it will. I just know that people are suffering and that it could have been prevented. The reason it wasn't is because of greed, and it is the greed of our culture and therefore something in which we are all culpable.