Narrative Magazine: It's Worse Than You Thought

Over at Literary Rejections on Display, some commenters have discovered the real reason Narrative Magazine is so eager to pump up their fraudulent subscriber numbers: they sell their email list to spammers and junk mailers.

Let's be clear: Narrative Magazine is run by a bunch of scumbags. Do not patronize their website, "subscribe" or, god forbid, pay them to submit work. Avoid at all costs.

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It's Time To Contact The Writers

If this is true, then Rick Bass and all the famous literati who support them either have to come clean or somehow defend their actions.

I think someone (you and LROD?) should contact Bass and Joyce Carol Oates and all these other famous writers who are part of Narrative and let them know about this. Get it on the record: did THEY pay the reading fee, or were they exempt? Did they send over the transom, or were the contacted and asked to submit? What do they think about that spam operating and the selling of the subscriber information? And are THEIR addresses and info part of the same database?