Just for the Record


When I said "nice tits" is a compliment, I meant that LITERALLY it's a compliment. I also said that it's harassment. I never said, nor meant to imply, that anyone should feel justified in saying "nice tits" to a 12-year-old. Saying that I said that a 12-year-old should "take it as a compliment" seems a deliberate misrepresentation.

In other (not actually) news, feminists are touchy.


What you did, you dimwitted

What you did, you dimwitted person, was insult a fellow litblogger's intelligence and demean her observation with petty pedantry that had no relevance to what she was arguing. Feminists touchy? I've been "complimenting" lit-bloggers (including yourself) long enough to know that they set standards in touchiness that are, frankly, untouchable.