Judges' Cave is here!


My story Judges' Cave is now available at Lakeside Circus!

A little taste:

After the world ended, five people holed up in Judges’ Cave and started a band. Like the punkers of old they rechristened themselves as a new people for a new, post-civilized, age. The Judges played outlandish music, all jangly majors and insistent, thumping rhythms that got under your nails and down your throat until you had to dance and stomp and rave to get it out or risk bursting. People came from miles around, canoeing through the bay that was once downtown New Haven to where the raw cliff face of West Rock jutted out over the water like the ragged brow of some angry sea god, just to watch Vinson, Warren, Burger, Rehnquist and Roberts play.

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After reading it once, I

After reading it once, I wasn't sure what I thought. It was okay to me, but nothing special. Then I read it again and, as often happens, I noticed how much detail really went into the whole piece. That's a self-lesson about reading fiction on a phone during an intermission. Anyway, very nice work.

The only problem: those blasted apostrophe errors in "Soldier's and Sailors Monument". The quotes make me almost think it's on purpose, but that's hard to believe.

Damnit if you're not right, I

Damnit if you're not right, I got the punctuation wrong. I'll tell the editor.

Glad you liked it!