The iPad is NOT a Kindle (or Nook) Killer

The iPad is basically a big iPod Touch with optional 3G internet, optional external keyboard and the ability to use iWork. It has access to an Apple ebook store, which is nice, but because it runs iPhone apps it can already read Kindle, eReader and B&N books as well as books from FictionWise and Books on Board through Stanza. So that's just not such a big deal. It's not a Kindle killer because it doesn't have an eInk screen, which means it's backlit, just like the iPod Touch, iPhone and laptops. Though I must admit it looks sweet for reading color comics on.

I'm still waiting for a tablet that can change from eInk to regular screen and back, like some of the technology demos that have been floating around.

What this is: A decent alternative to a netbook, because you can write and read on it, and do low key work related stuff. No flash, which means no Hulu etc, but most Netbooks are too slow for Flash video anyway, whereas the iPad can do video from the iTunes store and from YouTube. And it's supposedly very fast, unlike most Netbooks, and it's going to have rock solid OS software unlike the creaky Windows XP that's on the typical Netbook. So it's a good addition to Apple's lineup, but yeah, not exactly the revolution people were thinking about.


i will not buy such a

i will not buy such a portable device until it is 1.) a phone 2.) a quality ebook reader 3.) a gps emergency beacon 4.) waterproof to 100 feet 5.) an MP3 player 6.) a dvd player 7.) in a form factor that lets me wear it like a watch 8.) capable of serious word processing with neooffice 9.) capable of doing reasonable quality 24/96 field recordings and vido. Until that time, if I basically have to carry around a laptop and a cell phone and all that other stuff too, I fail to see how something like this is useful to me.

Well, it's probably not for

Well, it's probably not for you. (Though to be fair the device you're describing is pretty much an iPhone except for the lack of word processing and with iTunes movies instead of DVDs. And it's not waterproof, but who are you, Aquaman?) But this is probably the best write-up of why the device will be successful.

that write up is precise the

that write up is precise the reason i won't buy the damn thing. i don't want a third gadget. i want less gadgets. i want one device that is all the mobile devices i need. I already lug around a laptop to do real computing on, a cell phone to talk and sms message, and an MP3 player to listen to music with. None of the MP3 enabled phones out there come close to being able to replace my Ipod. They just don't have enough memory. My current music collection (the portable one, that doesn't include the uncompressed digitized LPs that sit on my 2 terabyte file drive with all my other hi fi audio) is well over 60 gigs.

I don't want to add another device to that collection of crap, I want to replace them. The Iphone sucks, because it doesn't have enough memory and I will never leave T-Mobile. The nexus 6/droid is interesting but has the same problem of the Iphone without the helpful seamless itunes integration. E ink is ugly and I refuse to pay 300 dollars to replace 4 dollar technology. And the Ipad means yet one more device. Still need a phone to talk and text on. still need a computer in case you want to do anything else besides surf the web or create a document. still need an mp3 player so your tiny 16 gig drive isn't overwhelmed by mp3s before you can get around to downloading some apps. it's sort of gluttony.

what i want, what will impress me, is something that can change form factors from phone size to notebook size that replaces everything including the full power laptop and has a screen that can change size from ipod size to 17 inch cinematic size by unfolding or unrolling or projecting on bluetooth glasses or something. anything short of that and it's not a new gadget worth having.