How Star Wars Destroyed Science Fiction


This is from a lecture given by Robert J. Sawyer at GenreCon in Sarnia, Ontario a few years ago. It's about the history of Science Fiction and how Sawyer feels it was derailed by Star Wars.

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This is sad, and a good

This is sad, and a good reminder of why fans can be the worst enemy of what they claim to love. There are clearly interesting subjects to discuss here, such as the difference between SF that tries to say something and SF that just wants to be fun, the use of allegory in SF, and the hidden and sometimes evil morals of popular stories.

But what a pompous way to put it. This game of trying to define SF so that one can take ownership of it is so old and pointless. Sawyer likes Planet of the Apes and Star Trek. Great. So do a lot of people. But, apparently, simply saying "I like Planet of the Apes because it captures the conflicts of the 60's, and I don't like Star Wars at all" isn't serious enough, isn't ambitious enough.

It's possible to do this sort of thing right. I like these essays by Michael Moorcock and David Brin. Moorcock is wrong about Heinlein, (and he changed his mind later), but it's still interesting.

But this .. the Robot Chicken Star Wars special offers deeper commentary.