Grand Old Party: No Faggots, No Cunts, No Niggers

Perhaps you've heard this story already about the Republican senate candidate in Pennsylvania comparing the rights of a rapist to those of the father of a fetus created via consensual sex out of wedlock.

It comes on the heels of this story about how Paul Ryan, the GOP nominee apparent for the Vice Presidency, thinks that rape is "just another method of conception."

That in turn follows on the ongoing baby mama drama started by Todd Akin, the Republican running for Claire McCAskill's Senate seat in Missouri. That story has now officially hit the "right wing backlash" leg of the news cycle, with supporters of Akin now coming out of the woodwork to include former Republican governor and Fox News personality Mike Huckabee and former Republican Senator and presidential also-ran Rick Santorum.

Remember now, this is the party that claims that they are really just all about smaller government and growing the economy.

In the meantime, in homophobia news, while it's died down a bit what with all the hoo-ha about hoo-has, you might recall earlier this summer this is the same party who made a big deal about eating fast food in opposition to equal rights for homosexuals. Yes I know, that was supposedly about First amendment rights or something. Bullshit. It has nothing to do with that. It was an antigay counterprotest because the original boycott was itself an exercise in the right to free speech and the assholes didn't even realize it as they engaged in their unintentionally ironic—but intentionally hateful—gluttony.

This on the heels of continued GOP support for so-called "traditional marriage" amid the outcry against the Southern Poverty Law Center's decision to list the Family Research Council as a hate group. All of this as ever more of Republican anti-gay activists are revealed to be child rapists and self-hating closet-cases.

Oh, and do you remember that "joke" Mitt Romney made about his birth certificate? You'll recall, it was the last straw that broke Chris Matthew's back the other day, when he called out that insipid twit Reince Priebus on the GOPs race-baiting and Priebus was struck dumb. All he could come up with was a recycling of weaksauce talking points about how Obamacare is "European" despite the fact that it's core policies were thought up by GOP think tanks like the American Heritage Institute and were championed by GOP luminaries like Newt Gingrich when he was in congress as "market based" solutions to the Health care crisis in the United States. But it has to be European, because Obama isn't "like us" is he. Because you "have to ask" about his birth certificate unlike Romney. Priebus, as you're no doubt aware, is the head of the Republican party. Romney, of course, is their presidential candidate. And that has everything to do with the color of Obama's skin.

The time has come to talk turkey, folks. The republican party is a hate group. It is anti-women. It is anti-gay. It is anti-immigrant. It is racist. The facts are what they are. You put them all together and there is an undeniable picture that this is an organization that believes in straight white male dominance and subservient role for everyone else. The difference between them and the Ku Klux Klan has become one of degree, not of kind.

As a result, it is no longer possible to be a decent human being and support the Republican party. It's long overdue, in fact. As for the rest of us, we have two choices. We can either be complacent and go along to get along and pretend the GOP is still just another political party, and accept that we are cowards who are unable to oppose the rise to power of a right wing hate group by taking over an existing political party. In which case, you all now know what you would have done when the Nazi's started rounding up Jews and Gypsies and Communists in your neighborhoods and shipping them off to death camps. And you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

The other option is to oppose the Republican party at every turn, to call out this nonsense when it occurs within our hearing, and to not allow politeness and social niceties standing in the way of speaking the truth. The time has come for all of us to live the principles we claim to espouse, that all of us are created equal and have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because it is now plain that the GOP does not believe that, and in fact are opposed to it for the vast majority of our society. And tolerance of that brand of politicized hate and oppression is identical to approval. This cannot be allowed to stand in our society and nation.


Republican Rape Song All you

Republican Rape Song

All you good Republican men

Take up legitimate rape,

And if you get her pregnant, then

Your morals stay in shape.

But rape her over and over again

Because the way to fail

Is if your sperm’s too weak, well then

You’ll have to go to jail.


So knock one down and knock one up:

Don’t stand around and gape --

All the Republican bosses say

Life begins at rape.

But don’t mistake the message, guy:

You can’t rape boys or men --

Since men cannot get pregnant, why,

You’re off to jail again.

You’ve got to get her pregnant, crew,

And if she screams or fights

That’s zip to how she’ll scream when you

Get visitation rights.


Then knock one down and knock one up:

Don’t stand around and gape --

All the Republican bosses say

Life begins at rape.


...right wing hate group? Is

...right wing hate group? Is that why DHS has bought all those hollowpoints? are they going to save us from them?


Anyway, I don't see the majority of the population going democrat this time around. My thoughts are that the Dems are going to take another trouncing. The Obama admin has been a total failure at figuring out the economy and people are going to give the other side a chance to see if they can fix it. I doubt they can though.

Both parties have played there role in our future self destruction.

The reality is that there are going to be multiple thousands of complete fiscal failures. Probably including Social Security and Medicaid. The ponzi scheme has just about gotten to the point where when we pull the curtain, instead of security and wealth, there is a big stage with NOTHING on it. Absolutely nothing.

Where is the money? Who has spent it? Why am I starving after working so hard and trusting these fools with the "equity" of MY labor? THose will be the questions of the future, and all of us would be wise to prepare for it.