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The Art-vs-Entertainment debate has riled up the comic book world too. Do art comics also suffer from the tyranny of realism?

Is Ayn Rand the most influential writer of the 20th century? That might explain everything. Also, Maud Newton's summary of The Fountainhead in that link neglects to include the tidbit that the lead character rapes the lead female, who loves every minute of it and becomes his girl.

Neil Gaimen on fairy tales for adults (via Bookslut)

What's wrong with short stories? Should we go back to the hoary days of radio drama?

The Future Issue of Forbes magazine has some interesting fiction, including work by Cory Doctorow and Warren Ellis.

Black Garterbelt responds to the "quirk" in contemporary fiction issue

Has short fiction died because of a "triumph of competence"?

Reviewing Robert Hass on criticism

I can has TS Eliot? What if the Wasteland was written by LOLCaters...

Scott Esposito on everybody's favorite critic

And finally, Nabokov on character in fiction