Ed Champion vs. Billy Joel

At the risk of seeming like I link to Ed to much, I want to draw attention to this post in which Ed Champion gets an email from honest-to-God Billy Joel ("Fuck you," says Billy), responds to it, and then (in one of the most entertaining exchanges I've seen in a while) Joel himself shows up in the comments to engage in an enormous flame war.

Billy: "...your inability or your refusal to follow a simple lyric pattern is symptomatic of either a mental disorder or a hearing defect..."

Ed: "...Just be honest, Billy. You did it for the cash. The guy who wrote the sardonic anti-yuppie song “My Life” is gone. (Indeed, you’ve BECOME that yuppie.)..."

Billy: "...THIS IS MY LIFE. This is what I do and who I am, and your ignorant, self-righteous ’sellout’ attack is typical of a dilettante, an amateur, and an abject failure. It was never about “the cash”. You will never know the joy I have known, and you will never accomplish anything in your life until you learn humility the way I have : The hard way..."