On Ebook Piracy

Had a long argument recently with a writer who was upset about how her books have been pirated as her sales have gone down. She went so far as to say that she thought every ebook should come with a virus that was only removed after you paid for it, a solution that would be at once disastrous and completely ineffective for its intended purpose.

For me, the question of piracy comes down to this: you can't stop piracy. You have a product that is infinitely reproducible at virtually zero cost. You can't fight that. And if you try, you're just going to end up frustrated and angry (like the writer I talked to).

So the problem really is: how can you take advantage of piracy, and how can you make money in spite of piracy? And those are the questions that need to be asked.


Questions I already answered

Questions I already answered when i pointed out that in this, like in all things, you must follow the money. Make ISPs responsible for the data that they transmit, and this whole issue becomes an issue of accounting and royalties and contracts and not an issue of criminal law, which is a ridiculous way to handle this sort of property.