So I just read this.

And it made me think of this.

Which of course brought me back to the thoughts I had in the comments here.

And all of that made me think I wanted to go back to the well and talk, once again, about how the SF Ghetto sucks and try to explain, once again, why it is that a grown up who allows social conventions established while being bullied in childhood is suffering from arrested development and, like certain other groups of people, really needs to expand his or her horizons. And this time I'd explain how all of it is tied up in the pathological politics of identity in our culture for which I similarly have no patience despite my immense amount of sympathy for them.

And then I realized that the thought of doing all of that, once again, left me feeling fucking exhausted.

So I'm not going to do that.

Instead I'm going to recommend that everybody go see Bully. Because at the end of that day that's what all of this lulzing encyclopedia dramatica nonsense comes down to. It's the pursuit of power at the expense of others. That's why the GeekPride morons are misogynists. That's why the Identity Politics and the anti-intellectual snobbery crowd are annoying. This clannish, tribal behavior is pathetic and you should be better than that. You should not just aspire to be the best exemplar of your tribe that you can be. Because that's fucking horrible. And too many other people are already like that. So stop it. Stop it now. Live and let live. You are not your tastes in media. Grown ups should understand that, and if you're over the age of say, 21, it's time you grew the fuck up and stopped being such a bully.