Casuistry of The Seas

Casuistry of The Seas

Folklore holds various alternate positions that one might
require to be re-appropriated quietly while they do not pay

attention that could very much be consumed by the creep
of yellow mold and a vinegary sort of flavor left on the back

of a tongue spending too much time tasting and not enough
at the other things that tongues are useful for.

So no, I don't buy into all of this, I don't accept what might be
accepted as a sort of palliative to the general ebb of things.

But, stuff being what stuff being is stuff, stuff can otherwise
come in useful which stuff being sort of kept but resented

with a sort of turned up sort of attitude, where turned down
might remain the motions that have been or what else

the takenness of things that put in a lot of pressure,
barometric or otherwise, the point is that it increases

that ears pop, that I end up with the bends and my blood
overoxidizes and that's that then, and leave the rest
of it all for future generations to dissect and to analyze.