The best Ebook reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch

I've been getting really frustrated with Bookshelf's limitations, not the least of which is the fact that if you put your finger down somewhere without holding it long enough it JUMPS to the top or bottom of the paragraph, meaning that if you're trying to scroll down and take your finger off too quickly it jerks you away from whatever you're reading. Also the interface is ugly, the HTML book I'd imported didn't format quite right resulting in the first chunk of it being centered, and did I mention it doesn't read PDFs? This thing cost me $10?

Then along comes Stanza. Stanza has a beautiful interface, a huge library of public domain books easily available, and the book formats it supports? "Stanza contains built-in reading support for Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, Microsoft LIT, PalmDoc, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, HTML, and PDF." [Emphasis mine.] And even better: It's FREE!

The only catch? The program to transfer books from your computer to your device only works with Macintosh. Apparently, they're working on a Windows version (and maybe even a Linux version, which would make me happy to no end). For now, though, I found the works of HP Lovecraft that I was reading on Bookshelf in Stanza's free library, so I'm good for the time being. Once they get the software working on other platforms, this will be the only eBook reader anyone should even consider using on their device.


Only problem with Stanza is

Only problem with Stanza is that the converted books that you are trying to put from the mac on the ipod/iPhone are very messy, sometimes garbled...


Stanza is pretty nice. The interface gets out of your way nicely-its easy to turn pages, and the font size adjustments are nice.

The Mac interface is obviously beta, but shows promise-I've transferred several books over (can't batch send, so its a bit tedious). One issue is meta-tagging-getting the author's name and book title to show up is something they are working on.

The one rather amazing feature (to me) is the .lit support. It is seamless. The .pdf support is a bit problematic, although that is partially a feature of PDFs in general I suppose.

Looking forward to their progress on this program though-it could be the eBook killer app for the iPhone.


Look this app is the missing link betweeen Stanza on your iphone and the windows supports batching and a whole lot more!

Written about Calibre

Written about Calibre already, at least for the Sony Reader:

I honestly didn't know it worked with Stanza as well. Good to know.

Actually, Calibre's

Actually, Calibre's conversions are better than Stanza's, I've found, esp. with PDFs. I convert everything in Calibre now, save out as ePub, and then read them into Stanza.

It`s really hard sometimes to

It`s really hard sometimes to find a good software without such reviews and recommendations. One can waste too much time and money before he finds an appropriate solution for himself. With ebook readers the problem is just like that. So, thank you for the useful information. Now I think everyone who`ve read this will try Stanza first.

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I love stanza. It is the best ereader that I have used. I love the options. I use a purple background the is easy on my eyes when reading in the dark. The pinch and separate funciton to change text size seamless. The available books to download is huge. It reads any format of literature. My only problem I have is that for what ever reason when I put books on my iphone, sometimes certain letters get corrupted. An example is "I #ent down to th@t store." Now it does not happen to every sentence but it does happen with every format of text I put on. Does this happen to anyone else? If anyone knows a reason or a correction please help.


I love Stanza. I have not experienced that corrupted text you are talking about. It works perfectly at my end. I don't need those paid apps anymore.

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I hate this program. I have tried every which way to put my ebooks that i already owned onto my ipod and get the program to recognize them, but it won't. the stupid guide said to drag and drop them into the file transfer section on the app tab of my ipod in itunes. there is no file transfer section. also the stupid guide said something about an ipad, which i do not own. wtf. ibooks is giving me hell loading and rotating, but at it least it knows the books are there.

Stanza in Itunes

Yes there is a file transfer section. Select your device and select the apps tab. Scroll down and you will see file sharing. Select Stanza and a list called Stanza Documents will be shown to the right. Scroll to the bottom and you will see an Add... button. Rest should be self explanitary.

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