Atlas Shrugged update

JF Quackenbush will not be posting an Atlas Shrugged update today because he is too damn sick of reading the book and cannot read anymore at the moment. Please stay tuned.

We should all give thanks to Mr. Quackenbush for reading this crap so we don't have to.


Don't be ashamed...

I for one would totally forgive Mr. Quackenbush if he gave up on the project altogether. Hours spent reading Rand are hours you can never get back.

the problem is one of

the problem is one of re-reading more than reading. The update should come today rather than tomorrow. Frankly, it needs to be done. I was watching CNBC yesterday and yet another reference was made to Ayn Rand, and I'm just sick of it. Unless there is a systematic, complete, and well argued refutation of everything in this novel out there for everyone to read, then those of us who know she is full of shit have not yet done the job.