The Atlantic is Publishing Two Stories a Month -- But Only for the Kindle

Like many, I was sad when the Atlantic decided some years ago to stop publishing monthly fiction, making the number of magazines paying real money for short fiction countable on the fingers of one hand. (My count is currently Harpers, The New Yorker, Playboy and Esquire. Am I missing any?) Apparently, Atlantic has started buying short fiction again twice a month for release on the Internet, which would be wonderful, except it's exclusively for the Kindle. What's worse, according to the New York Times, "Although the authors may at some point obtain the rights to republish the stories as part of a collection or in another magazine, the stories cannot appear in any other e-reader format." So it can NEVER be available for a device other than the Kindle?

You know, the short story audience is small enough without putting extra barriers in the way. The Kindle may currently be the most popular dedicated ereader, but as someone with a Sony Reader myself, and with the Nook on the horizon, it strikes me that limiting your potential reader base this way is the height of stupidity.


Irony of ironies - the ad

Irony of ironies - the ad that showed up with this post on my RSS reader was for...wait for it...the Kindle.

I find the whole kindle

I find the whole kindle garbage exceedingly insulting. It costs 200 dollars to buy one, yet companies like the one above are convinced more will sell and less will be stolen if they limit their online format to just Kindle. They're are other readers out there that I have personally invested in, and I can't help but find it an unfortunate disgrace that they're neglected to try to serve me and the people owning them.