About Wet Asphalt

The problem is not that there isn't anything to read. The problem is that it's hard to know WHAT to read, and a lot of discerning readers turn to the big box bookshops or online sellers to find a morass of tepid, boring literary fiction or the latest churned-out genre book jumping on a fad. What people need is a guide, a beachhead they can turn to where they can reliably find recommendations and criticism from people who understand that good books of all genres are simultaneously entertaining and enlightening. What people need is a blog, written by people who read widely, including poetry, short fiction, "literary" fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, crime and anything else they can get their hands on and who can tell you about it in a way that is as fun to read as the books themselves.

This is Wet Asphalt, the literary, political and sometimes personal blog of Eric Rosenfield and JF Quackenbush.