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So Sunday evening we got linked to by Warren Ellis (hi there, Warren Ellis readers!) and got slammed with so many hits that it brought down our server. I'm going to pay some more money for more resources so that won't happen again, which is as good an excuse as any to put some ads up on the site. Previously, our only source of income was people buying stuff through our Amazon links. Wet Asphalt will almost certainly still be a money-losing venture, but hopefully it'll be less of one.

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: I also wanted to point out that the article WE linked to was the Reading Versus Watching about Jin Yong's wuxia novels.

Changed over to Feedburner

Just changed our RSS feed over to Feedburner, which, among other things, allows for RSS 1.0 and ATOM feeds as well as the RSS 2.0 we already have. The feed will also display in your reader much more nicely. Anyone who happens to be using our old feed address to syndicate the site, please switch your readers over to the new Feedburner address.

If you have no idea what any of that means, just go about your day.

Users now have notification/subscription option

Registered users now have the option to be notified if there is new content via email or simply have the new content emailed to them. Just click on "my account" under your name (on the right), click on the "Notification options" tab and set it up to your liking.

Note: This is entirely optional and no one will have anything emailed to them unless they personally turn on this feature.

How to Use This Website

Most magazines on the Internet seem to be locked into an issue format like a print magazine, and if they have a blog it is an entirely separate feature. This strikes us as counter-intuitive. The blog format has become popular because it is accessible and up-to-the-minute, but it is still, after all, simply a publishing format; it can be filtered through categories or tags and have longer posts available after clicking past a description, much like the New York Times does with its news articles. In fact, the only difference in terms of format between the New York Times' website and a blog is that the Times updates all at once, once a day, whereas a blog is updated article-by-article on an irregular basis. We may have grown used to the idea of a blog as a tool for personal narrative, but one must separate form from content.

Contact Us

Eric Rosenfield - http://www.ericrosenfield.com

J.F. Quackenbush - http://mr_quackenbush.livejournal.com

We can be contacted at info@wetasphalt.com. If you would like to send us materials for review (books, literary magazines, chapbooks, etc.), please email us for a mailing address.


Welcome to Wet Asphalt.

What is Wet Asphalt?

Stop blaming the reader.

Read any article in any magazine about the state of fiction in America: most often the first thing mentioned will be the competition for time that contemporary fiction is engaged in with television, movies and video games. The reader, we are told, has been lured away by flashy new media. The reader is silly and impressionable and easily distracted by shiny objects held before her gaze. The reader is tired of made-up stories told in prose--this having to do, apparently, with the post-9/11 world, or the post-twentieth century world, or the post-contemporary condition or something like that. No, instead she only wants non-fiction, preferably memoir. Some critics have even derided fiction authors who pursue popularity as trying to be "celebrities." It seems there is some crime in wanting to be read widely, wanting to be culturally relevant, wanting more than to be read only by other writers. "What's the point?" these defeatists say with a shrug. "People don't like to read fiction anymore. It’s not our fault."