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So you've probably noticed that posting here as been rather infrequent. Most of my writing-time these days is devoted to fiction which is finally beginning to get published. JF Quackenbush seems to be busy with his new career in professional sophistry.

However, I've decided to take some of the smaller things I've been dropping into my Tumblr and LiveJournal and put them here instead, hopefully at a rate of at least one a week. The HelloRun post from earlier is an example of this style. Will there ever be long form articles again here? Sure. But when, I can't say. Stay tuned and keep your feed readers peeled.

Also, I've replaced the long broken search box with a Google custom search, so you can actually search the site again. Hurrah!

Slow for a while...

Forgive me if the site is slow for a little while (barring whatever JF Quackenbush or EL Borgnine might have cooking up in their demented brains). I'm finishing a novel.

But there will be another installment of the History of Popular Fiction on the pulp era in the near future! Oh, yes.

Wold Newton This Weekend and More Wet Asphalt in December

So the Wold Newton Reading Extravaganza recently inaugurated its new website which has video from the last reading by Brian Francis Slattery and Charles Yu as well as various bonus materials and awesomeness. This weekend will be another great event featuring Cat Valente reading from her book about Prester John, The Habitation of the Blessed, along with belly dancing and burlesque! All for free, at WORD bookstore in Greenpoint. See the website linked to above for more info.

Meanwhile, Wet Asphalt will probably continue to be light until the end of the month when I might have time to breath again. Stay tuned every body!

May be a little light for a couple weeks

Posting may be a little light over the next couple weeks, as I'm busy as hell, even though I have plenty I want to write about. I'll post when I can, as will, I'm sure, JF Quackenbush when he's not busy doing little things like working on his law degree...

Robin Sloan Article Appears on io9

My article on Robin Sloan has been reprinted (with permission) by the kind folks at io9, Gawker Media's Science Fiction blog.

I am Jason Finkas Quackenbush

Many of you have wondered, is JF Quackenbush just the name that Eric uses when he wants to say something vitriolic and swear at people a lot? I mean, Jason Finkas Quackenbush? That name has to be fake. I'm here to tell you yes, it is fake. It's time to stop pretending.

I first came up with the Quackenbush alter ego during my time at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. I was a lonely college student and it was late at night in the TV lounge at the dorm that I started pretending that there was someone there with me, laughing at episodes of The Adventures of Sinbad, the greatest television show in history. Soon I was trying to form a band, but no one wanted to play with me, so I pretended I was in a band with Quackenbush, who would, in my deranged imagination, wear a silly costume and call himself "Reverend Chaos". It was a heady time.

Later when I put together the web zine YankTheChain, I needed it to seem like it was more than just me, and so Quackenbush became a writer, going on insanely about talking to the ghost of Richard Nixon and hanging out with Jennifer Love Hewitt and pining away publicly for a girl at Berklee who was really also me, but in a dress. Quackenbush became a tool with which I could call myself the names I secretly felt I deserved, and delineate exactly who needed to be Neutered, Shot or Both. It was a heady time.

Finally, though, I feel as though I must cast off these trappings of my young adulthood, and stop pretending. I am JF Quackenbush, and always have been, and all indications to the contrary are so much subterfuge, for I am that clever.

Also, I am secretly Edward Champion. But you probably already knew that.

Slow down

There's going to be a slow down of posting here this month as I focus on writing as well as the ordinary distractions of the holidays. There may be one or two posts, here and on the writing blog and I may finally get the Michael Moorcock interview up before the end of the year. Keep your feed-readers peeled.

Dear Mr. Quackenbush,

If anyone's wondering why J hasn't posted here in a while...

Just to Sum Up

To make sure everyone's on the same page:

Things I Like   Things I Don't Like

All clear?

About Wet Asphalt

The problem is not that there isn't anything to read. The problem is that it's hard to know WHAT to read, and a lot of discerning readers turn to the big box bookshops or online sellers to find a morass of tepid, boring literary fiction or the latest churned-out genre book jumping on a fad. What people need is a guide, a beachhead they can turn to where they can reliably find recommendations and criticism from people who understand that good books of all genres are simultaneously entertaining and enlightening. What people need is a blog, written by people who read widely, including poetry, short fiction, "literary" fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, crime and anything else they can get their hands on and who can tell you about it in a way that is as fun to read as the books themselves.

This is Wet Asphalt, the literary, political and sometimes personal blog of Eric Rosenfield and JF Quackenbush.