Middle Passage

Middle Passage by Charles Johnson is exactly the sort of mixture of technical craft, intelligence and ripping storytelling we're trying to promote here on Wet Asphalt.

On Nadja and The Lover

As contemporary English prose becomes ever more insular, derivative and bland, it's perhaps worth it to take a look at some more obscure International authors and see what they have to offer. This is the first in a series of posts and deals with some 20th century French Literature.

Wet Asphalt Recommends: "The Ledge" by Austin Bunn

"The Ledge," a short story published in One-Story, is a tale of a 15th century cargo ship that unexpectedly stumbles across the edge of the world. It feels like a cross between adventure on the high seas, Latin American magical realism and the gothic ghost story and is utterly compelling from page to page. It is written by Austin Bunn.