On the comiXology Podcast Again

So I'm once again talking about comic books in the comiXology podcast! This time around we talk about Brian K. Vaughan's fantastic new series Saga, America's Got Powers, Batwoman, Secret, Grimjack (one of my old favorites), and Ultimates 1 & 2. Have a listen.

Eric Again on the comiXology Podcast

I've made my third appearance on the comiXology podcast, talking about some wonderfully hallucinogenic comics like Orc Stain and Hats, as well as Wonder Woman, Hotwire, X-Statix and more. Have a listen if you're interested in comic books at all.

Me on Comixology's It Came Out on Wednesday Podcast


I'm on Comixology's It Came Out on Wednesday podcast this week, talking with Jake about the latest comics, including Alan Moore's Neonomicon, Red Sonja, Stephen King's Gunslinger prequel, Green Lantern and much more.

Normally, Comixology pays me to write code, but every once in a while I get to do cool stuff like this too. Go listen!