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It's Official: The Nook is a Kindle Killer

Lots of news churning out about the Nook, Barnes and Noble's new ebook reader. Long story short: it's got a touchpad screen, it's got wifi and free 3G, it's $259 and, most importantly for me, it supports epub and PDF natively. Which basically means it does basically everything the Kindle and the Sony Reader Touch and Daily editions do combined, but for less money. The Sony Reader Pocket edition still exists as a $200 ereader option, but frankly, $59 isn't a lot more to pay for always-on 3G and a touch pad.

(Also, yes the Sony Touch and Daily editions have full touch screens, while the Nook only has a touch-pad (with a screen), but as others have noted, the Sony touch screens create so much damn glare it isn't worth it.

So yeah, B&N really nailed this one. Game, set, match.

At least until something else comes along. Apple, what you got?