The future of television


This is a picture of my Windows laptop plugged into my television with a simple s-video cable and into my stereo with a standard RCA cable, playing an episode of ReGenesis off of In my hand is my iPod Touch, logged into my computer using the free VNC Lite app. In other words, the computer becomes a media device (also on tap is Netflix Watch It Now content, iTunes content, YouTube etc) for the television, and the Touch becomes a remote control for the media device.

And now you know why I don't need cable or satellite television, a DVR, an Apple TV, a Roku Netflix player, a Vudu or any other such devices.


Ok - TV?

What kind of TV is that? My (quite old) TV doesn't seem to have the right spot for an S-Video Cable.

My TV isn't new, but it does

My TV isn't new, but it does have an S-Video port. An S-Video to RCA converter, however, can be had at your local RadioShack.